Inaba Minanogawa Junmai Ginjo Muroka

Inaba Minanogawa Junmai Ginjo Muroka


Our Take

We’re proud to feature this sake handcrafted by Nobuko Inaba for a few reasons. One—she’s one of the few female head brewers in Japan; two—it’s an all-around premium sake that will impress many. 

Minanogawa showcases fragrant aromas including ripe lychees and bananas. There’s also a soft texture with a hint of strawberry on the palate. 


  • Brewery: Inaba Shuzo

  • Sake name: “Minanogawa”, which is named after a river in Ibaraki

  • Junmai: Sake includes only water, koji, rice and yeast

  • Ginjo: Rice has been milled >40%

  • Muroka: Not charcoal filtered

  • Alcohol: 15%

  • Volume: 720ml

  • Made in Ibaraki

Serving Recommendations

In our testing, we found Minanogawa to be best served slightly chilled and on its own. It can also be paired with leaner dishes like salads with light dressings. What surprised us the most was its compliment to goat cheese!

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