Based out of San Francisco, Kenshin Sake is an online sake retailer crafted by Graig Inaba and Steven Santa Maria. It is our mission to bring you curated, high-quality sake from the best producers around the world. 

Why create Kenshin Sake?

We were frustrated with the (mis)information overload surrounding sake in the US, so we created Kenshin Sake. We committed ourselves to seek out high quality products, to educate and to bring out the full potential of sake. 

How we curate our collection

There are thousands of breweries each producing a slew of different sake. Of these, we are committed to selecting the best bottles that highlight the brilliant variety of sake. We sit down at the table, roll up our sleeves and dig into sakes’ aromas and tastes. We also delve into some food pairing ideas.

A design-focused shopping experience

Good design does not simply mean things have to look good. To us, good design also means that it should be as easy as possible for customers to buy products and to learn a few things about sake along the way. 

Sake is not just a beverage. Sake is an elegant, fun and endlessly interesting focus at the table and a reflection of the sensibilities of where it’s from.
— Steven Santa Maria, Director of Sake

What does “Kenshin” mean?

Kenshin translates to “see clearly,” which we mean in a number of ways:

  • To see clearly allows us to enjoy the elegant qualities of sake
  • To see clearly allows us to enjoy the new experiences of sake
  • To see clearly allows us to enjoy the stories of breweries and their brewers
  • To see clearly allows us to enjoy sake together