Kikusui Hiyaoroshi

Kikusui Hiyaoroshi


Our Take

From the makers of “the ol’ standby" comes a brew that’s pretty interesting. On the nose, Kikusui’s Hiyaoroshi splashes with notes of guava, passion fruit and even a smidgen of coconut. It boasts the same light-to-medium body as its junmai ginjo counterpart, save for a tartness that lifts up and surprises with a brief sparkle of saltiness. Hiyaoroshi is overall reminiscent of the brewery’s junmai ginjo though will stand apart in its own light-hearted way. This is a limited, seasonal item so get it while it lasts!


  • Junmai Ginjo
  • Seimaibuai: 55%
  • 720ml
  • Made in Niigata

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Food Pairing

Watermelon Salad

cubed fresh watermelon

tender greens

avocado oil


sweet potato thins, cracked